Area Meeting events in 2021

Area Meeting for Church Affairs

In our meetings for worship we seek through the stillness to know God’s will for ourselves and for the gathered group.

Our meetings for church affairs, in which we conduct our business, are also meetings for worship based on silence, and they carry the same expectation that God’s guidance can be discerned if we are truly listening together and to each other, and are not blinkered by preconceived opinions.

All members are entitled to attend their area meeting. Friends may be appointed to attend, but this does not prevent others from being there.

The area meeting is open to all its members.

Other Friends should notify their presence to the clerk before the meeting begins and, if drawn to speak, should be sensitive to the fact that it is not their area meeting.

Attenders may be present only with permission of the clerk, which should be sought well in advance of the day of the meeting.

These were the planned dates and venues for 2021:

  • Saturday 9 January: Malton
  • Saturday 13 March: Hull
  • Saturday 8 May Beverley
  • Saturday 10 July: Kirkbymoorside
  • Saturday 11 September: Worfolk Cottage or Pickering
  • Saturday 13 November: Scarborough

Due to COVID-19 Area Meetings are currently taking place using the Area Meeting’s Zoom account.

Learning and develop group

Currently the Learning and Development Group’s plans for 2021 are for events on Saturday 27 March, the evening of Tuesday 15 June and a retreat day at Worfolk on Saturday 2 October.  Possible topics include ‘The Circular Economy’, ‘Books I would recommend’ and ‘What is our witness?’