Friends speak

Who are we, that is those of us who identify ourselves as Quakers or Friends? What first brought us together? What do we do that’s different in our worship and what does it mean to us? What might attending one of our Meetings be like, what might you get from the experience?

One of the best ways of finding out about Quakers is to listen as they share their experiences so this page is here to give you a feel for just who we are, our diversity, and what we have found to be true. Quakerism is all about experience – our experience, it is what makes our journey unique because it is ours – we come to know and trust what we find within ourselves, among Friends, in the stillness and quiet of our Quaker Meetings.

We present Quakers talking about what they have found and we will regularly update these videos to keep them fresh and interesting.

We start with Quakers from Watford who recorded this  some years ago.

Quakers in the South West

Quakers in America associated with The Friend Journal issue weekly videos where Friends express their experiences it’s called the Quaker Speak Project. here we include some of these short (about 6minutes) video. We hope you enjoy.

First time in Quaker Meeting